Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Minute Power Tip

One Minute Power Tip:
1. People change things that are vital and essential to them. Whether it's becoming a better parent, quitting drugs or getting a promotion, when something is absolutely ESSENTIAL, human beings find a way to do it. An acquaintance of mine tried without success to change his lifestyle for years. After his heart attack, he became a vegetarian and quickly lost almost fifty pounds.
Many of the things we want aren't "that important" to us. They are desirable, but they are not "necessary" and so we put them off, we become distracted, we "forget" and things don't change. When you want your goals as badly as a kid wants a new toy, or as badly as a teenager wants a driver's license, or as badly as you want your next breath of air, you'll find a way.
2. People under-estimate the power of their environment. Many people have attended a seminar where they renewed their goals and vowed that "this time nothing will stop me!" Then they fly home, walk in the door and are hit with "can you pick up pizza on your way home?" They go to the office and are hit with paperwork, phone messages or whatever, and they are quickly defeated. The people, places, demands and "furniture" of our lives keep us trapped. To change yourself, change your surroundings!
3. People forget that change always starts as an "inside job." Change always begins with an idea. Every invention starts in someone's imagination, every new skill begins by believing we can "do it." Every lasting change happens inside our head first, and in the outer world second. Too often we get that sequence reversed and say, "If I were more successful, I'd be more generous." It doesn't work that way. Start first with yourself and your beliefs. Your outer world will quickly "catch up."

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