Thursday, January 29, 2009

See the Unseen!

See the Unseen!

Yesterday one of my friends said something which is a piece of great wisdom.

She said, “If you like someone, you should like almost everything about him/her."

This is the first time I gave concentration to this thought. If you look around most of us are busy in finding shortcomings of people . We are letting go a wonderful opportunity of finding the best in people we love.

Let’s appreciate people for what is good in them. Start with the very small thing you like about them and everyday find just one good thing. See what normally you are not able to see.Tell them what you like about them. Tell them why you want to be with them. This will make your relationship strong & warm, for ever.

Life is too short for finding negatives, find positives!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


आई हा एक शब्द आहे असं म्हणण व्यर्थ आहे कारण त्यात आहे जे वात्सल्य शब्दात उतरवणं आहे ते अशक्य!! तरी हा एक प्रयास आहे तिच्याच वाढदिवसाला छोटीशी एक भेट आहे .. आई म्हणजे मंदिराचा उंच कळस आई म्हणजे अंगणातील पवित्र तुळस आई म्हणजे भजनात गुणगुणावी अशी संतवाणी आई म्हणजे आरतीत वाजवावीअशी लयबध्द टाळी आई म्हणजे वेदनेनंतरची सर्वात पहिली आरोळी....... मी एक चातक आहे तर ती पर्जन्यचा थेंब आहे मी अत्तर तर ती त्यातला सुगंध आहे माझ्या आयुष्याची ती एक चित्रकार आहे अंधारात मला दिसणारा आशेचा किरण आहे कोणत्याही वादळात तग धरून राहीलेली माझ्या आयुष्यातील कल्पतरु आहे जिच्यामुळे मी, माझी कविता आहे ती माझी......माझीच फक्त आई आहे.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Fish and the Turtle

The Fish and the Turtle

Once upon a time there was a fish. And just because it was a fish, it had lived all its life in the water and knew nothing whatever about anything else but water. And one day as it swam about in the lake where all its days had been spent, it happened to meet a turtle of its acquaintance who had just come back from a little excursion on the land.
"Good day, Mr. Turtle!" said the fish. "I have not seen you for a long time. Where have you been?""Oh", said the turtle, "I have just been for a trip on dry land."
"On dry land!" exclaimed the fish."What do you mean by on dry land? There is no dry land. I had never seen such a thing. Dry land is nothing.""Well," said the turtle good-naturedly. "If you want to think so, of course you may; there is no one who can hinder you. But that's where I've been, all the same."
"Oh, come," said the fish. "Try to talk sense. Just tell me now what is this land of yours like? Is it all wet?""No, it is not wet," said the turtle. "Is it nice and fresh and cool?" asked the fish."No, it is not nice and fresh and cool," the trutle replied."Is it clear so that light can come through it?""No, it is not clear. Light cannot come through it.""Is it soft and yielding, so that I can move my fins about in it and push my nose through it?""No, it is not soft and yielding. You could not swim in it.""Does it move or flow in streams?""No, it neither moves nor flows in streams.""Does it ever rise up into waves then, with white foams in them?" asked the fish, impatient at this string of Noes."No!" replied the turtle, truthfully. "It never rises up into waves that I have seen." "There now," exclaimed the fish triumphantly. "Didn't I tell you that this land of yours was just nothing? I have just asked, and you have answered me that it is neither wet nor cool, not clear nor soft and that it does not flow in streams nor rise up into waves. And if it isn't a single one of these things what else is it but nothing? Don't tell me." "Well, well", said the turtle, "If you are determined to think that dry land is nothing, I suppose you must just go on thinking so. But any one who knows what is water and what is land would say you were just a silly fish, for you think that anything you have never known is nothing just because you have never known it." And with that the turtle turned away and, leaving the fish behind in its little pond of water, set out on another excursion over the dry land that was nothing.

Another Good Story I recieved in my mail box to share with you all

Just Pray .....

Never pray for an easier life, pray to be a stronger person. Never pray for tasks equal to your power but for power equal to conquer your taskTrusting God won't make the mountain smaller but it'll make the climb easier. Hope u'll be able to climb all ur mountains today & everyday.When you're a winner you're always happy, but if you're happy as a loser you'll always be a losers