Thursday, January 29, 2009

See the Unseen!

See the Unseen!

Yesterday one of my friends said something which is a piece of great wisdom.

She said, “If you like someone, you should like almost everything about him/her."

This is the first time I gave concentration to this thought. If you look around most of us are busy in finding shortcomings of people . We are letting go a wonderful opportunity of finding the best in people we love.

Let’s appreciate people for what is good in them. Start with the very small thing you like about them and everyday find just one good thing. See what normally you are not able to see.Tell them what you like about them. Tell them why you want to be with them. This will make your relationship strong & warm, for ever.

Life is too short for finding negatives, find positives!!

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Unknown said...

very very true.....